Details and History

Medrio (2020-2021)


I owned the entirety of the Trial Talks Podcast from its inception in June 2020 to the present. My role included discovering and securing speakers, topics, and questions to guide the conversation for our internal Medrio hosts. 

I produced 12 episodes in under a year resulting in 18,818 listens and over 1,000 subscribers. 


I produced the content, slides, speakers, and webinar copy for the following webinars: 

Beyond COVID-19: Where Do We Go From Here? 

Ready or Not, COVID-19 Necessitates the Move to Decentralized Trials

eSource: A Piece of the Virtual Trial Puzzle

How Will the Second Wave of COVID-19 Impact the Regulatory Landscape?

Prevent Delays in Your Clinical Trials with Data Visualization

ERT (2018 - 2020)

Samples of webinar copy can be found on the ERT website in the archived webinar files. To read the full-text copy, you can "register" for the webinar to be brought to the archive.