Introduction to Data Intelligence in Clinical Research

Data intelligence, at its core, is about smartly using data to make informed decisions. In clinical research, it’s the powerhouse that can seriously amp up the quality of patient experiences. Here’s the deal—every patient is different. By getting to know the patients inside out, researchers can tailor the clinical trial experience like a suit that fits perfectly. This means fewer patients dropping out because they feel like they’re being heard and understood, not just poked and prodded for dat

The Role of Patient Engagement in Enhancing Trial Management

Patient engagement in clinical trial management is crucial for the trial’s success. Engaging patients improves their overall experience and provides valuable insights for the trial. This can lead to better recruitment and retention rates and more accurate data collection. Developing strong patient engagement strategies can ultimately result in more successful and efficient clinical trials. Patient engagement plays a crucial role in influencing the results of clinical trials. When patients activ

IDMP: How Did We Get Here, and What Does That Mean for Me?

Identification of Medical Products (IDMP) has been harmonizing data globally across the drug development lifecycle since 2003. At its core, IDMP uniquely identifies pharmaceutical products and standardizes product information using five international ISO standards to maintain global compliance. For strategic pharmaceutical companies, IDMP can be leveraged beyond that to act as an information and data tool to drive additional value. We will explore what IDMP is, how it has evolved, and what cons
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